A friend asked me once “What’s your ultimate fantasy magazine cover design, you know, the cover you’ve always wanted to do?” I didn’t have an answer. I don’t have a pre-determined image of what a cover will look like until I’ve read the story and talked to the editor. Every cover design, page spread, photo shoot I’ve designed grew out of the message, not my personal preferences.

It doesn’t matter what my “dream” design might be. What matters is the story you—the client—have to tell. I’ve worked with writers, editors, communications directors, corporate executives, hospital administrators, and college admissions specialists who all have a message, a story to tell, a connection to make. Every decision we make at Kiefer Creative is designed to bring clarity and resonance to your story. Taking the time to read the text and discuss it with the client sets us apart and makes all our publication design—magazines, annual reports, promotional brochures—meaningful and memorable.

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