Why do you need a logo? Are you starting a new company, launching a new program or re-branding an existing service or program?

Who is your intended audience? Is this audience familiar with you or are you building new relationships?

Where and how do you expect the logo will be seen most often?

What words will the logo or logotype incorporate—what’s your name? Should the logo include a tagline?

What visual elements, if any, relate to your product or service? Don’t worry we’ll figure it out. We just like to know what you’re thinking.

Will this logo coordinate with other graphic elements or an existing identity program? Will it be used by itself or in conjunction with other graphics?

Is there an existing color scheme or will we be establishing a palette as the logo design is developed?

How do comparable companies or programs present themselves visually? Do you want to look just like them or would you rather work to develop something so special they’ll want to copy you?

How would you describe the personality your logo should convey: playful, formal, masculine, feminine, academic, glamorous, exclusive and upscale, homey and warm, youthful, organic, macho?

How will the new design be implemented and how quickly must it be ready for use?

We listen intently to your answers and carefully consider your questions about us and about the design process. It’s worth the time to explore expectations and goals for the final design. Your logo says a lot with a few bold strokes. It’s your distinct mark, your visual handshake—a first impression. It informs the rest of your visual presence online, in digital presentations and in print and packaging.

Colleen Kiefer is a seasoned professional—a trained graphic designer—who listens, explores and challenges; who climbs into your mission statement and lives there long enough to breathe in what is unique and wonderful about your project. She is talented and persistent enough to bring it to life on screen and in print.

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